Thinking of working with us? FAQs

Outsourcing your digital can seem like a leap of faith. When meeting with new clients, we often answer a number of common questions that could help your decision. 


Absolutely yes.

We act as the silent cog in your machine and never publicly display or discuss our projects. – We respect the relationships you build with your clients and our priority, first and foremost, is to ensure we have a working partnership built on trust.

We respect our client's intellectual property and happily hand-over all rights when a project is complete. – Being based in the quiet countryside around London, we are also bound by UK copyright law. 

If you've worked with a freelance agency in India, China or Eastern Europe, you may have noticed the frustrating disregard and lack of protection for your property. – Rest assured, you're in safe hands with us.

However, as developers, we do utilise Open Source code and re-use structural components across the products we build. In these cases, IP is retained by their original authors where applicable.

Although our business model is focused on serving agencies, we do accept direct work on a case-by-case basis. Especially if the project can offer unique challenges to our team.

Why not get in touch with our sales team and tell us a little about your requirements? We'd love to hear more.


Yes and no.

Our team are based in the UK and our typical work day starts at 9am and ends at 5pm GMT. (Greenwich Mean Time)

Although ideal for national partners, we also have clients on the West Coast of America that benefit from an extended work day. – Our team are able to hand-over work at 5pm GMT to a fresh project manager in California starting at 9am PDT (Pacific Time).

We can also be available, at our standard overtime rate, for critical meetings and event reaction when these fall out of hours.

Unfortunately, no.

To keep our costs at a freelance average, and to maintain a focus on quality work for our existing customers, we are unable to offer free or pro-bono work at this time.

Of course! Apacio can complete a project end-to-end or support your team by filling in the gaps. – We've worked with agencies of all shapes and sizes, and provide strength in the following areas:



Does your development team favour a front-end framework like Twitter's Bootstrap or Zurb's Foundation? Our designers work to your preferred grid count, incorporate UI components and ensure all designs are practical for today's web.

Useful Style Guides
When we hand-over visuals to your team, we include a full style guide; This details hex values for colours, pixel values for typography and sitewide iconography.


Web-friendly Fonts
We only suggest web-compatible fonts with your designs. – As part of our style guide, we also suggest the best supplier and method for serving your fonts.

No Licensing Surprises
Ever mindful of budgets, we'll never use high-cost, rights-managed imagery or fonts without consulting first.


Source Control
Our developers are fluent in GIT and contribute safely to any project. – We'll work with your team to understand your repository and ensure our contributions are seamless.

Valid, commented code
Our front-end code is W3C validated and includes sensible comments to help your development team with integration. 

Our development team understand back-end logic, and build front-end accordingly. – We create components that easily fit into query loops and repeatable elements.

Performance and Mobile friendly
Our front-end is responsive as standard, and optimised in a way that makes the most of a customer's mobile journey. We also ensure that your site is beautifully rendered in all modern (And popular) browsers, paying particular attention to loadspeed and CPU performance.